Selecting a web design   is a fun and creative part of your web development project. The design is the look and feel. You want it to represent you and your brand.

Your time, budget and brand determine how you select and customize your design

Website design on Marin and SonomaYou can start with a ‘free’ option available with many hosting packages. The price is right and the timing is great – you can get going immediately -  especially if you are building the first iteration of your site yourself.

As you build into that design, you will find limitations and understand better what you really want. Be aware that you may see ‘your’ design on many other sites.



Website design form templateYou can buy a web design template and use it as is. There are thousands of great designs that can be purchased for $100 or less. It will cost more than that in time or money to install and implement the site. Considering  your overall investment, design is the last placeto take decisions that are based on saving a mere $100.

3. Commission a custom design. Start with a clean slate, your vision and a graphic designer. We are happy to refer some local and national designers we have worked with already. There is obviously a higher cost, but depending on the position of your brand, this may be the right choice for you. For what it is worth, this web development company has implemented custom web designs ranging from about $1,500 to $25,000. Back when I worked ‘corporate’, we built one site for a Fortune 200 company where the design alone was $250,000. Yes – the zeros are correct!

4. Buy a template web design and customize it. This is the ‘sweet spot’ for most of our clients. We select a design that meets most of the clients wish list and then complete it with personalization.
- Your logo fully integrated
- Colors adjusted to more closely match the brand and logo
- Sidebars  customized to show relevant content in different sections of the site
- Headers customized to show images matching page contents
- Menus and footers resized.

As a Marin Sonoma web development company working mainly for businesses of 2 – 20 people, we highly recommend the balance of lower cost and tailored results from this approach. This is the route we recommend for most of our web development clients. We partner with graphic designers who do beautiful customizations of purchased web designs.