You understand your business, and we understand how to promote your business online. We help build your site, search engine and social media strategy.
Inner beauty may be important, but first impressions are critical online. We make text-rich sites look great and we love to showcase image-rich portfolios.
S.E.O. Search Engine Optimization. The holy grail of the internet. It's a battle out there on Google and a tough fight to win. But we just love winning!
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“Facebook…Twitter… Blog…!” You already get plenty of advice from all sides. We help you send the right messages for your business.

Showcasing Your Business

Your online strategy is all about building the right web presence for your business. We are here because we help you to do that. Your web presence may include a Website, Blog, Facebook campaign or Twitter launch. It may include a newsletter, a paid Google campaign or a general campaign to build your presence for the search engines. Or it may not...

Your Website, Social Media Campaign and Search Strategy may be small or they may be huge. They do need to be right for your needs and your budget.

Our specialty is listening to you to help you figure out what is right for your business. We will work with you to build the right strategy for you. And once we have a plan in place, we also build the components. We are techies who speak English as well as tech-speak. We are Social Media dwellers who will also look you in the eye and come out in the light of day. We are engineers who recognize how critical a good looking design is.

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11.20.2011  |  admin  |  18 comments

I see plenty of controversial FB status updates – politics, religion and swearing in no particular order. But what has been bugging me lately? The  little one-liners telling me who is reading what. Because every friend I have contacted so far to give a heads up did not realize it was happening to them. And […]

11.03.2011  |  admin  |  4 comments
lindas 4

To Build a Website: We started with a logo, a tagline and a photo shoot full of happy people: Technology choice: Well that was easy – WordPress! Love the ease of updating and the fact that the client can change their own text and photos without involving us. Design options: Looking for clean and green. […]

11.02.2011  |  admin  |  1 comment

If you want to build your personal page or brand on Facebook, post relevant content that is true to the heart of yourself or your brand. It is important to generate original content, but there are also great ways to share. Back to my theme of the week… lists! This is a situation where setting […]

11.01.2011  |  admin  |  1 comment

I stayed away from Facebook for years because I just could not see how to reconcile all the different parts of my life in one time and place The inner sorority sister in me enjoys a good joke with more than the hint of risqué. The parent in me uses passwords to make sure my […]

10.30.2011  |  admin  |  3 comments

Do you enjoy an emotional lift when the little red notifications icons are glowing for you? Facebook pages have real people behind them, who feel a similar gratitude and appreciation when their notifications glow for the fans who follow and post on their pages. We can use Facebook to deepen existing trust and relationships with […]

10.29.2011  |  admin  |  8 comments
Facebook lists

[Edited 1/24/12 This is one of the most visited posts on my site so I am updating it to reflect small changes in Facebook] I have a list called ‘All’. I click on it and I see, well… I see ALL the posts and updates from ALL the friends and all the pages that I […]

 |  admin  |  1 comment

“What did most every early civilization have in common?” No, I wasn’t smarter than a 6th grader. I was sitting in a class of 11 year olds, wondering how I would answer the question. None of the kids got it either. The answer was “located in a fertile river valley”. I thought that would be […]

10.28.2011  |  admin  |  0 comments

An ordinary day in 1990. London, England; cheerful voices, tea and toast, traffic and gridlock. A Friday evening out on the town to look forward to. Cycling to work – as always. 10 miles, but consistently the fastest and easiest way to get around. Visitors from the US office milling around when I got to […]

10.21.2011  |  admin  |  1 comment

A customer asked me whether he should advertize on Yelp. He has a well established business with a good website and a great reputation. He already does the right things offline, with plenty of networking and professional affiliations.  This was my response: You have a certain budget. The real question is -  what is the […]

09.02.2011  |  admin  |  0 comments

You may want to ‘share’  with some Friends without spamming all Friends.  You can use lists to do this - they only takes 5 minutes to set up, and then you can use them to control the news feeds you see and who sees your updates. Set up the List: If you do not have a “Local” or […]