Your Web Strategy

You understand your business, and we understand how to promote your business on the Internet. Before we start to build we will spend time with you to understand your business model, your current and future goals and your customer base. We work mainly for local businesses in Marin, providing a high level of personalized service that helps you to leverage the Internet as an effective sales and communication channel. We will build your whole web presence to make a great first impression while also being your best reference and your best sales and lead generator.

The questions we need to ask and answer together include:
What is your web presence for?
What do you need it to do for you?
Who are current & future customers?
How can the web presence grow your business?


Web Strategists in Marin

“Facebook…Twitter… Blog… Website… Newsletter…!” Most of our clients are not short of advice from friends, family and professional contacts. But how do you know what is really right for your business? Some of these strategies, all of them or none of them?

The right web strategist:

Architects your whole Web Presence
Helps you to make the right impact in the right places
Gives you a consistent message across all media
Makes sure that your message represents YOU
Develops a web strategy to grow your business


Web Strategy for YOUR Business

Let us assure you now that we do not advise ‘all strategies for all businesses’. Facebook may be right for your web presence. Or it may not. If you are starting from scratch you may need to start with a blog. Or a website. Or even Twitter. It is absolutely not one-solution-fits-all and the key is to build the right web presence for your business and for your growth. We help you to invest strategically to meet your goals.

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