Managing your business page will get a whole lot clearer and more focused if you separate your business and personal contacts and news feeds.

You have probably already ‘liked’ a few business contacts with your personal profile. I suggest you take a few minutes to go back and ‘relike’ them as your page then ‘unlike’ them personally. This lets you focus on a nice supply of biz information coming to the fan page ‘home’ and a nice supply of emotional contact coming to your profile ‘home’. The bonus is that it also reduces how much they distract you from each other.

• Log on to Facebook with your personal profile
• Click ‘home’. It says ‘News Feed’ at the top. This is your personal profile news feed.
• Account / Use Facebook as Page
• This will probably land you on the wall for your page.
• Click ‘home’. It says ‘News Feed’ at the top, but this is the page’s News Feed, not your personal one.

While logged in as your page, have your page search for and ‘like’ at least 10 pages in each of these categories:
Referral Partners: The businesses I work with already who consistently bring referrals that turn into business. I absolutely want to ‘like’ them as my business page. I want to see what they are posting and be as supportive as possible, taking the time to comment on their posts.
Contact Sphere: The businesses, usually local to me who have similar customer profiles and business interests. I have contact, but not a partnership with them already offline. They are not referral partners yet, but if we grow the relationship, even just on Facebook, that may happen.
Co-opetition: Are they competition, contact sphere or new acquaintance? All are better than ‘scary unknown’. I will build Visibility and find out more if I follow them on Facebook. And here is a sneaky bonus. If they really are your competition, and you want to see what they are up to, follow them with your business page. Business pages do not show up in the page lists, not even to the page admin, so you can see them but they can’t see you watching.
Vendors, Mentors, Industry Leaders: The pages that want to sell to you. Yes – you do want to know what they are saying, what their products updates are and the new information they are giving you that you can in turn pass on to your fans and customers. You are following these pages to interpret them and put the information into plain English for your fans.

There a handful of business I follow with both profiles – If I am following a referral partner who has less than 100 fans, I will continue to follow them with my personal profile as well as my business profile until they hit that ‘100’. I figure that they appreciate the emotional support of me being added to their fan count.

There are some pages that I do NOT follow with my business page: If my interest in them is purely personal, I keep following them from my personal profile only.