You build your page’s credibility through postitive ongoing interaction. Visit other pages – don’t just wait for them to come to you! Use your page’s icon to post on other pages; those you know, those you want to know and your mentors and industry leaders. Post consistently on your own page, to your own customer base

You can plan as much as you want before you ‘get out there’ on Facebook or any other Social Media, but much of it can only be learned ‘on the job’. As you make your posts and pick up new fans, you will see what people really seem to want and respond well to.

-         Which part of your message

-         Which part of your portfolio

-         What information your current customers actually want

-         What information your prospects seem to want

-         Which other businesses are potential referral partners

-         Which businesses look like competition

BONUS! As you go through these regular postings, you will also realize what no-one else seems to be doing, and what your fans seem to be looking for – the gap in the market. You may need to change the offerings that you have offline slightly to tailor the for a ‘click and buy’ market. That’s a gap in your own portfolio!

The top reasons people say they follow a business on Facebook are

-          Discounts and Promotions

-          To show support for the company to others

-          Freebies (samples, coupons)

-          Information about your company activities

-          Updates on future products

-          The occasional personal touch mixed in with business

-          Beautiful Visuals

As you interact with customers and businesses on Facebook, look at your business and see how you can position your products / sales model to meet the Facebook market.