Today’s TLC for your Page is super quick and easy – we’ll look at the ‘Info’ tab from a visitor’s point of view and do some quick updates. I think a lot of us last visited this area when we first set our pages up and / or before we really refined their role.

Different pages will have different tabs, depending on the business specified when the page was set up. Let’s start by looking at it from a visitor’s point of view:

  • Use Facebook as you personally  (Account / Use Facebook as You)
  • Type your page’s name into the search bar
  • When you land on your page, take a look at the ‘About’ text below the profile image in the left sidebar. Is this the best summary it can be?
  • Click on ‘Info’ in the left navigation

Looking critically at this page, I decided to remove a lot of the info I had set up at first.

  • If I had an actual storefront, opening hours might be relevant. But here on Facebook they distracted from the main message and made my business look too ‘local’.
  • Similarly for the exact street address, parking and public transit. None of them were relevant. I chose to keep the town and state, but you don’t have to.
  • It is worth mentioning that if you were over on, verifying all the information that Google has on your business, I would advise you to fill in every last character of every single field they offer you. Google has a page that is similar to this one and they rank your site slightly higher if you fill in every last piece of information. That may be a factor in why some people (like me!) use too many of these fields at first on Facebook.

Having looked at it and made a couple of notes,  go ahead and click ‘edit page’ and make the updates you decided on.