Are the 5 images at the top of your page just perfect or is it time for a quick refresh? Even if you know how to do this, it is worth actually getting around to it every so often.

The photos that show are the most recent 5 photos that you uploaded to a post or an album, or that your page was tagged in

Unless… you take action to exclude a picture. You can exclude images by rolling your cursor over them and clicking the  ‘X’ that pops up. Excluded pictures are not deleted from your albums.

Pictures that were imported / referenced via a link are not used in the 5 so if you want to show an image from a link, you may want to upload it as a photo as well.

The display order within the 5 is random, Facebook will reset it each time the page is displayed.

The images you have are for the first-time visitor. Unless you have added a collection of tabs and / or become a real hub already, most people will visit your page, hopefully ‘like’ you, then get their updates via their news feed.

I saw a cool idea last week – if I find it again I’ll take a screen shot; A page owner had uploaded 5 images of 5 words that spoke about their business.

If you want to upload more or replacements, go ahead and do it.

The aspect ratio is roughly 3 wide by 2 high. Facebook does seem to do some cropping, even on pictures in the 3 by 2 aspect ratio.

When I first uploaded pictures I figured they were ‘just’ thumbnails. So I thought I did not need a large version. Then I realized that people might actually click on the pictures to see more, so maybe I should upload the large version.

If you do not have photo editing software already, I have nothing but good things to say about Snagit. Crop, move, merge, change colors, add text, add shapes, add captions… Easy to use for about $50 US.