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Holli Dunn is a successful Baby and Child Photographer in Seattle

Is Facebook working for her?

Well yes! She does get new clients from Holli Dunn Photography Facebook page and she proved its worth when she mentioned mini sessions on Facebook and booked out almost immediately.

Where does her fan base come from?

Most of them are right where she wants them – nearby and local in Seattle!

OK, so how did she grow the fan base?

She mentions the Facebook page in sessions with clients. If they ‘like’ her page, she will upload their pictures. The clients then tag themselves in the photos so that their friends get to see. This of course puts each picture in front of many more eyes.

Any other ways to use Facebook for business?

Yes – she started a group for Seattle photographers –to keep in contact and build a contact list for those situations when they really need a sub or second shooter on no notice. Holli was inspired to do this after a magician she booked got sick at the last minute; he tapped into his local network and sent a sub at the same price and quality.

Does she blog?

Oh yes! She uses the blog as a portfolio, posting links on Facebook to the blog posts. Facebook posts bring more comments and attention but blog posts last forever and increment her SEO ratings.

Is there a signature to uploading photos to Facebook?

Upload 3 or 4 at a time ‘never 2’.
Put a band of color or texture on  photos in a set
Consider how they will look as Facebook displays them in a row together.

facebook case study photographer

How does she protect the photos?
Watermarks. It protects her from reprints and as the pictures travel onwards, it gives viewers a way to contact her.

Any other tips she is considering that she has not implemented yet?
Offer a bonus like free wallet pictures to clients who get posts from 10 individuals on their pictures.
Offer a bonus to clients who get comments from 10 individuals on blog posts with their pictures.

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