Build facebook followers - send a message Why:

Your business contacts are already interested in what you are doing offline, so wouldn’t they want to follow you online as well? You don’t need to be or to become their facebook friend; all you need is their email address.



Your Goal:

You are going to send a facebook message with a link to your page. Facebook will deal with getting it to them, through a message or an email.


Email list of business contacts

Minimal knowledge of facebook messaging

Depending on the length of your email list, a little time and willingness

Step by Step:

Cook up an introductory message that tells your business contacts what you are doing and why

OK: “I launched my new business page and I would like you to support it”

Better: “We are running a facebook fan page, page-name-here. It will be sending out messages about your-business-field. Please come on over to ‘like’ us and leave a message telling us what you’d like to see us cover.

Use Facebook as you, not as the page. You cannot send messages yet as a page, but you can send messages to people who are not your ‘friend’, as long as you know their email address.

Find your page, and do a copy of its URL

Go over to messages, and send the message.

-         Set up the text part of the message.

-         Add in the link to your page URL. Facebook

-         Send a ‘test’ copy to yourself first, to see how it looks

-         You can then repeat the message, sending  it to 20 people at a time.