Bilgart Design

Interior Designer, Marin County

Paulette does great work in the hardscaping specialty of  interior and exterior design. Recognized as ‘the’ local fireplace designer, she also has a strong kitchen and bathroom portfolio. And if you want custom tile – look no further!

It continues to amaze me that as a pure-breed, single-minded engineer I continue to be gifted with so many great designers as clients. Maybe it is because I am willing to listen, to build it their way?  

Paulette came to me with a an look and feel for her site that was strong and individual – always a good thing! But it had very few pages and the text was not written to gain search engine traction. So we built out 15 new slideshows and added pages to talk about her specialties.

Have we nailed it in the SEO? I have to say, ‘not yet’. We have completed most of the on-site SEO, but there is more to it than that. Getting your page ranked well is a long haul process and we are continuing to work on it.

Adesign Graphic Design

A web designer and a web developer started a project…Why would this be leading to a punch line? Because most web designers and graphic designers spend 110% of their time and energy working on other people’s projects. Anne Doyle has a strong portfolio of work and beautiful aesthetic sensibility. When she asked me to work on her website I was truly flattered. We built a site that shows her clarity, her designs, even some TV adverts that she produced. Enjoy!

Designer: Anne Doyle

McMoyler Method: Delivering Navigation and Functionality

Sarah McMoyler is the childbirth educator of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her classes deliver the information and the panache that high-achieving expectant parents are looking for. When we met Sarah her site was visually great and it contained most of the right information, but the structure, functionality and navigation were just not working for her or her clients. We rebuilt the site map and menu structure. We moved some of the information around and res-structured the site.

New site born delivered on 12/6/10, 19 inches 19 pages, 7.5 pounds 7 sections.

Sundance Travel – Voyaging fast

Sundance Travel website

Sundance Travel is a full service agency located in Marin County, California. Travel consulting services to discerning deluxe/luxury clients, with a specialization in travel with 4-legged friends.

The questions around a new site are always going to be ‘how soon, how big, for what?”. Every site has a budget. Some businesses need their site to be ‘Up, Already!’. This is a 4-page site. We received the image files from the designer on Monday 11/15 and we launched the site on Tuesday 11/ 23. Pretty good!

Site Design: Anne Doyle

ACTive Business Systems – local consultants

Many of us have encountered the sales tool ACT! at some point in our working lives. This site is for a company who help other companies to install, integrate, learn and use the ACT! product. The consultants work throughout the Bay Area and they need potential clients to find them through web searches.

We focused in SEO and we are continuing to refine it after launch, as we believe it needs to be a combination of onsite and offsite work.

National Law Firm – complete new site

Goodin MacBride is a well established San Francisco law firm whose attorneys specialize in California Regulatory law, and also in Qui Tam and Civil Law. The new site contains well over 100 pages, with about 60 of them focusing on each of the niches of business that this firm addresses. We used slightly different color coding for the Regulatory Law, Civil Law and About sections of the site.

A huge goal in the project was SEO. We made the site as big as it is so that each niche of their law practice would have its own page and its own chance to get indexed. We are currently tweaking the code and contents of those pages to push them further up in the rankings.

Site Design: Quinne Design

Interior Designer website – San Francisco

Jerry Jacobs Design is a successful interior design business operating in San Francisco, London and Mexico. When I met Jerry last year, he already had a website, but it was getting on in years and he was looking for a complete refresh. He also already had great organic Search Engine Optimization so I was in the unusual position of needing to replace a site that ranked #1 on Google for ‘Interior Designer San Francisco’. Umm, do you know how many interior designers there are in San Francisco? So how hard that might be to maintain? Quite a challenge!

The original site is shown here. The concept of small photos used to navigate within a gallery work for some people and I have used it myself on other sites, but Jerry was ‘done, already!’ with it. He needed navigation to be clearer – to show where you were within a gallery, where the gallery was within the overall site and how to click around between and within galleries using large and small arrows.

So we mapped out a left side menu system and information architecture which did that. We had 2 big goals on this site – to make navigation within the galleries clearer and to maintain the SEO. There are two directory sites that appear above him but he is still the first individual designer to come up on Google.

Body Celebration – A day spa in San Rafael

Our focus here was SEO. This business did have an earlier website, but as is often the case, the words ‘Marin’ and ‘San Rafael’ were completely missing from the site as a whole, as well as from each page. When SEO is the focus, I believe it is critical that each modality or niche of a business receive its own page, and that page be fully cross-referenced for that modality (and that modality alone) against the geographic references that people tend to search on. Six pages, one for each modality will each do better on Google than one page that contains all the same text rolled up into one. This site also links to automated booking and gift certificate purchase, two services that I set up for a lot of my clients.

Brewer Law – Clean Design

I was honored when Brendan Brewer put his trust in me to build a site for his law offices. He practices throughout California, with many local clients so we wanted a look and feel that was inclusive without being too local. I really like the colors and image that we chose for the site – clean and powerful.

To keep the site text from being construed as legal advice we kept the content very minimalist, which always helps the visual impact of a site.