Facebook Page Admins | See and Export a list of People who Like your Page

You want to see a list of the people that like your Facebook page? You want to copy and sort the lists? OK so I figured out how.

Please credit this to the curious-engineer part of my nature rather than anything to do with creepy or stalker! And I will admit that once you are over a few hundred fans this really would be slow stalker territory, but if you really want to know, here is ‘how to’:

–         Go to your fan page.facebook-see-who-likes-page

–         Look for the fan count in the left sidebar

–         Click on the link ‘like this’ under the counter

–         The Insights page will come up

–         Over on the right, there is a little link that says ‘See Likes’. Click on it.

–         Click on the drop-down, and select ‘Pages’

–         Nice and Easy!

If you want to export the lists of people or pages (use the drop down in top left of the pop up window), there is no export button, but you can do it. It takes a couple of minutes. If anyone has a better export strategy, let me know!

–         Click and drag within the box to highlight everything (names and logos)

–         Right click on part of the highlighted text.

–         CTRL ‘C’ to copy

–         Open up a spreadsheet

–         CTRL ‘V’ to paste

Yeah, so it looks like a mess, and not even a hot mess! But it can be edited…widen the first column…delete the second column which is now full of ‘submit’ buttons…Data/Sort the first column…copy the rows with text in the to a new spreadsheet (which loses most of the icons)… right-click on each of  the remaining icons to delete them individually

My Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy - plans for next yearIn a blog post last week, Warrior Preneur Ann Evanston asked 3 questions. I replied to her post, but the questions still deserved more focused answers.

[Edited 1/2/12 to add: Ann Evanston’s initial post asked the following 3 questions:

1-Are you developing a social media marketing strategy that is direct contact and follow-up, or advertising?
2-Are you developing your time accordingly based on that strategy?
3-If you have chosen direct contact and follow-up, as your social media marketing strategy, have you developed your strategy to include “follow up” (lead generation/relationship building) from social media?“]

So just in time for he New Year, here is the direction that I am planning to take.

Are you developing a social media marketing strategy that is direct contact and follow-up, or advertising?

Planning direct contact  through
1. Facebook – it is where the people are. Post on my own page and also post consistently on pages that are likely to refer business to me.
2. Blogging. Use Facebook to publicize the new blog posts.
3. Twitter. Need to learn more.
Open to Facebook advertizing – I see how incredibly focused it is – I know it can play Ads to people asking about building websites or following competitor pages.

Are you developing your time accordingly based on that strategy?

I’d love to think it could be done in less, but this is my expectation
2 hr/week. Develop and write 1 blog post
1 hr/wk. Plan and schedule Facebook Posts
2.5 hr/wk (30 min/day) Respond to comments on my SoMe activity and check SoMe activity by referral partners to see if I can add value.
2 hr/week. Visit the blogs of referral partners – or fellow bloggers in Blogger Monday or any other Blogger Challenge I take on – to comment on those blogs.

If you have chosen direct contact and follow-up, as your social media marketing strategy, have you developed your strategy to include “follow up” (lead generation/relationship building) from social media?

Lead Generation:
My SoMe experience so far has been contacts from people who follow my Facebook page. Once they have contacted me, they go into my whole ‘pipeline management’ process to ensure they get phone calls and further information.

Relationship building
My main products are custom websites. So I provide business services to business owners. Most clients come to me by referral, and most referrers are people whose businesses complement mine – graphic designers, Mac consultants, PC consultants, printers, SEO experts, Social Media consultants… So when I am online representing my business, I take a structured approach to building relationships with businesses who are likely to refer to me.  I put time aside to visit their pages and support them online.

Are you willing to share your answers to these 3 questions?

Facebook hiding messages in ‘other’ folder

Surfing through a tech site I follow called Mashable when I found a lot more righteous indignation than usual. We all hate Spam, right? And we control it in email. But do you know where to check your spam folder on Facebook – or that you even had one? Thinking that you never specified anything as Spam? Right – you didn’t. An algorithm is deciding it for you. And you may not like what it decided.

What, Where, How…?

 Go to your own home page and click on ‘Messages’ in the left sidebar. Your messages pop up in the main feed, so of course you focus on them. That’s just human nature – they are bright shiny objects, so we look right at them.

 But if you do look back at the left sidebar – right under ‘messages’ is a new field ‘Other’. Now click on this.

 What you see now may be painful on a couple of levels.

 – If you are an individual who received a message / invitation / offer / update that is now expired, you lost out.

– If you are a page owner who made a legitimate fan contact, well you lost out too – your message probably did not get the person you sent it to.

 The screen print below shows what I missed. I am super irritated about this as it  damaged relationships I have, whether with people or brands or the people behind the brands.


What did you find in your ‘other’ folder or did you already know about it?


We were told about News Readers, but did we Hear?

I see plenty of controversial FB status updates – politics, religion and swearing in no particular order. But what has been bugging me lately? The  little one-liners telling me who is reading what. Because every friend I have contacted so far to give a heads up did not realize it was happening to them. And they didn’t like it much either. Most of us would find it hard to even describe a News Reader App – here is how they show up in your news feed and ticker:

These two did not expect us all to see their veg-out gossip reading



Stop facebook sharing through Washington Post Social ReaderThis one does not expect co-workers to see his political perusings.




Facebook calls it frictionless sharing. I call it friction-generating. People deserve more privacy than all their friends seeing all their political, religious and scandal-sheet reading. They did not click on a like button for us to see this. Having signed up for a news reader App,  they need only click on an article link and we all get to see it in the news ticker. Even an accidental click. They don’t even need to be on Facebook at the time.

Most people barely realized they were signing up for the Apps, let alone the privacy-invasion sharing every article they ever click on – even accidentally. Every time they read a news article online, their activity is automatically shared with friends. Not so nice!

Not all news applications do this: WSJ and New York Times are fine. Yahoo, Washington Post Social Reader and the Guardian are the biggest offenders I am seeing.

You can check if  you have these apps installed:

Click  at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Account Settings.

From the menu in the left column, select Apps.

Remove the App or tighten your privacy settings:

Remove using the ‘x’

‘Edit’.  Click on ‘Custom’ next to ‘App activity privacy’,  then ‘Custom’ again. Set it to ‘Only Me’


If your own Apps are locked down but you are fed up of getting updates on what your friends are reading?

Search for the App and click ‘Block application’ on the left.

If this helped you, please let me know in a comment and please take a conscious decision to share it onwards. If you just love having your every reading displayed to all, I’d also like to hear from you!

Following, Sharing, Passing it Forwards

If you want to build your personal page or brand on Facebook, post relevant content that is true to the heart of yourself or your brand. It is important to generate original content, but there are also great ways to share.

Back to my theme of the week… lists! This is a situation where setting up a list will only take 5 minutes, but figuring out who you want on it may take a bit longer. Who and where are the content sources that your audience would like to hear from? Build yourself a list of those feeds. When you click on that list, you will see the news your followers want to hear. And you can  ‘share’ it onwards.

When I need to ‘feed’ my Facebook page, or just keep myself educated on things my followers and I want to hear, I click on the ‘Biz Pages’ list.

When I looked at my  ‘Biz Pages’ feed this morning, I saw a cool graphic that I thought my peeps would appreciate. So I logged on as my page and shared it onwards. One ‘like’ and one comment so far. But ‘oops’ you can see I missed an opportunity to generate some rapport by forgetting to thank Gail Nott and Small Business Coach.









If I consider the author a good source for future input, I go ahead and like their page and add them to my list.

And in case no one brought that graphic to your news feed, here it is:

The Crossroads of the Persona

I stayed away from Facebook for years because I just could not see how to reconcile all the different parts of my life in one time and place

The inner sorority sister in me enjoys a good joke with more than the hint of risqué. The parent in me uses passwords to make sure my own kids don’t find these jokes. The web developer in me processes and stores images that would never pass PG or any regular film rating. But they are ‘art’. Or so I am told. I respect the passion of  my faith filled friend but I have come to believe that all my neighbors deserve the same legal protections from their marriages as I have.

As a woman in business, I am old enough to remember taking rings off our left hands for interviews and being grateful for laws that banned employers from asking  how many children we had. Maybe not old enough to remember that in American business, but I came from  Europe where sometimes we still did not get jobs because of our children. Or lack of them, which apparently indicated their likelihood to appear in the immediate future!

With all that baggage how on earth did I deal with Facebook and its tell tale trail of family photos, partying, political ‘likes’ and religious options?

It took me a while. But Oscar Wilde said it best

“Be yourself: Everyone else is taken”.

Just like in the workplace, I stay away from politics and religion. If you ask, I may tell you but I don’t go shouting it. Like the workplace, I stay away from swearing and drinking. Just like offline, I am in private groups where I can do a bit more of the swearing and drinking.

Just like offline, to keep myself popular, relevant and  interesting, I tailor my posts. I use the little box next to the posts button send different posts to different lists of people and to stop posts from reaching certain lists.


SV Parents:          Who else wants to hear a request for help at a local fundraiser? Really?
San Rafael Area:   Local people in general
Contact Sphere:    Local business interests.
Scrapping:            A hobby – I know the rest of you could care less!

I am not saying I do this every day for every post, but sometimes it is a very sweet feature. Do you use it?

Business Networking on Facebook

Do you enjoy an emotional lift when the little red notifications icons are glowing for you? Facebook pages have real people behind them, who feel a similar gratitude and appreciation when their notifications glow for the fans who follow and post on their pages.

We can use Facebook to deepen existing trust and relationships with clients and referral partners – businesses within the same locality / niche who serve similar clients. As a web developer, mine are graphic designers, photographers, SEO experts, social media strategists, computer support techs etc. Respecting the boundaries of the offline relationships, I ‘Like’ their Facebook pages and ‘Friend’ them as seems appropriate.

Facebook page owners put a lot of time and effort into attracting new fans. Some of those random fans are never going to be clients or referral sources. We might get a better return by investing some of that energy back into people and businesses that we already know.

I built a Facebook List of these clients and referral partners. With nothing else on the list, there are no distractions. I can  go through their recent posts. If one of them is building a business page and I take the time to post or share, do you think they are going to appreciate and think well of me? If I am nice about their photos will they like me more for it?

I wouldn’t rely on Facebook networking without a business page  as my ONLY online networking tactic, but it will certainly help. This does not involve ‘like swaps’ or using your personal profile to push your own business. Instead, you are using your personal or business profile  to build up other peoples businesses  – the ones who help your business the most. Most of them will notice and be grateful to you for that, and the karma will be wonderful when it comes back to you.

Personally, I like to take 10 – 20 minutes each day to check this list and see what I can do to help the people who help my business the most. Please let me know if you think this can work for you.

Facebook lists

Facebook Lists: Let me count the ways in which I love you

facebook lists[Edited 1/24/12 This is one of the most visited posts on my site so I am updating it to reflect small changes in Facebook]

I have a list called ‘All’. I click on it and I see, well… I see ALL the posts and updates from ALL the friends and all the pages that I wanted to hear from. Not ‘just’ those that Facebook’s edgerank chooses to show me.

‘Marketing’. My marketing feeds and updates ONLY. Perfect for reviewing without distraction.

‘Local Friends’, ‘Hobbies’…etc. You get the idea.

Are lists hard to set up? Oh not at all. I promise you – 5 minutes or less!

1. Create a list. Go to your home page within Facebook. Click ‘LISTS’ in the left sidebar.  Create a list, call it ‘All’

2. Add your Friends. ‘Manage List’ then ‘Add/Remove friends’.  Click on all the friends you want to see.

3. Add your Pages. ‘Manage List’ then ‘Add/Remove friends’.   ‘Friends’ in top left. Click on it, select ‘Pages’.  Select.

4. Enjoy! Select the list from your left sidebar.Facebook lists


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.I love thee to the depth and breadth and heightMy posts can reach, when scrolling out of sight

For the END of top stories you bring to me.

I love thee to the level of every day’s

Most quiet feed, by time and in sequence.

I love thee freely, seeing all my friends.

I love thee purely, and without edge rank.

I love thee with events and messages

Of my own friends, and with mine apps and games.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost friends. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of my updates; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Sorry, EBB for the mangled updating, but it came from my heart.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.I love thee to the depth and breadth and heightMy soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of every day’s

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for right.

I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806 – 1861

Facebook – Share without Spam

You may want to ‘share’  with some Friends without spamming all Friends.  You can use lists to do this – they only takes 5 minutes to set up, and then you can use them to control the news feeds you see and who sees your updates.

Set up the List: If you do not have a “Local” or other list yet, let’s create one. If you have a list already, it is worth reviewing every month or so.

–          Near the top right, click on Account then Edit Friends

–          Click on the Button Create a List near the top right of the page. Or to edit an existing list, click on a list displayed  in the left sidebar.

–          If you are creating a new list, give it a name.  

–          Click on Add Multiple and go through the display, clicking on the people you want in this list.

Share the Page to your List:

–          Go to the page you want to share.

–          Click on ‘Share’ at the bottom of the left sidebar

–          A box pops up. On the top right, click on the little drop down arrow.

  • Choose Custom
  • Under Make this visible to choose Specific People
  • In the box that appears , start to type the name of your list. Facebook will pre-fill it for you.
  • Save

–          Type some text if you want

–          ‘Share Page’

All done!

Blocking your posts from ‘certain’ People:

 “12:30 PM Fri. Yeah! Leaving town early. Getting’ my Tequila on tonight!”


 Are there people on your ‘Friends’ list who you should really be on a list called ‘Others’? People you would prefer not to see all of your posts? Well, you can set it up that way in 5 minutes or less: Yes, they are IRL friends but you don’t want them to see e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g; awkward acquaintances, belligerent bosses, overly chummy customers, enthusiastic employees, necessary neighbors and unsupportive relatives? You don’t want to drop them from your Friends list or block them, but you would prefer it if they only saw some of your posts?

Set up the List: If you do not have an “Others” list yet, let’s create one. If you have a list already, it is worth reviewing every month or so.

–          Click on ‘Account’ then ‘Edit Friends’ near the top right

–          Click on the Button ‘Create a List’ near the top right of the page

–          Give the list a name: “Others” is nice with hidden meaning J

–          Go through the display, clicking on the people you want in this list.

Apply the Privacy Settings: Once you have the list set up, you use it in your Privacy settings.

–          Click on the Account / Privacy Options

–          Click on the link ‘Customize Settings’ under the list on the page

–          Click on the drop down box next to ‘posts by me’

–          You can set it to ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends of Friends’ but exclude ‘Others’. It will exclude the ‘Others’ even if they are a friend of a friend.

Making your posts: Your posts will now default to these privacy settings. But if you do want to make a post that is visible to everyone on your Friends list, go ahead and write the post out. Before you hit ‘enter’ or ‘share’ click on the little padlock image next to the ‘share’ button and change the settings

Why do this?

These people are indeed your friends, relatives, employers and customers. You care about these people but you don’t want them seeing every post by default. So let’s make sure they don’t see the random posts that are fair and justifiable in the moment can look so bad out of context. “12:30 PM Fri. Yeah! Leaving town early. Getting’ my Tequila on tonight!”



–          I have heard complaints that these settings don’t carry over to Droids – so if they are looking from a Droid phone, they may still see your posts. I would expect this to be fixed ‘some time’

–          This is the online world folks, if you REALLY don’t want it copy / pasted / forwarded / seen, then just don’t post it at all. J