Facebook Page Admins | See and Export a list of People who Like your Page

You want to see a list of the people that like your Facebook page? You want to copy and sort the lists? OK so I figured out how.

Please credit this to the curious-engineer part of my nature rather than anything to do with creepy or stalker! And I will admit that once you are over a few hundred fans this really would be slow stalker territory, but if you really want to know, here is ‘how to’:

–         Go to your fan page.facebook-see-who-likes-page

–         Look for the fan count in the left sidebar

–         Click on the link ‘like this’ under the counter

–         The Insights page will come up

–         Over on the right, there is a little link that says ‘See Likes’. Click on it.

–         Click on the drop-down, and select ‘Pages’

–         Nice and Easy!

If you want to export the lists of people or pages (use the drop down in top left of the pop up window), there is no export button, but you can do it. It takes a couple of minutes. If anyone has a better export strategy, let me know!

–         Click and drag within the box to highlight everything (names and logos)

–         Right click on part of the highlighted text.

–         CTRL ‘C’ to copy

–         Open up a spreadsheet

–         CTRL ‘V’ to paste

Yeah, so it looks like a mess, and not even a hot mess! But it can be edited…widen the first column…delete the second column which is now full of ‘submit’ buttons…Data/Sort the first column…copy the rows with text in the to a new spreadsheet (which loses most of the icons)… right-click on each of  the remaining icons to delete them individually

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  1. a
    a says:

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s content everyday along with a cup of coffee.

  2. Teny
    Teny says:

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  3. eye lashes
    eye lashes says:

    Valuable data. Lucky my family I recently found your website by chance, and i’m surprised exactly why that coincidence wouldn’t occured upfront! My spouse and i added that.

  4. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    This did not work for me; when I tried it only brought up about half of the number of “likes” my page had….

  5. Zsuzsi
    Zsuzsi says:

    Hi, thanks for this useful description:)

    When I copied the names from fb to excel, and I sorted the first column with the names to a new spreadsheet (I could copy it in two steps: 1. above the Make admin buttons 2. below the make admin buttoms) – then right click on the coloumn and remove hyperlinks.

  6. Andra Spanu
    Andra Spanu says:

    Hi! I have a facebook page with 1010 fans and I want to create a list with all my fans, for a contest. It limits me to almost 400 ( last 400 fans). How can I extract all 1000? Thanks

  7. viene
    viene says:

    this is a nice tip, i have a photo and page liking contest and i need to count the highest “likers” on it. This help me a lot. I was doing the export excel but cannot understand the output before. With your guidance i was able to do it 🙂

    • abafaba
      abafaba says:

      Viene, unfortunately facebook prohibits the benefits of giving fans prizes of any sort in the manner you describe. They do this I assume to keep people from paying their fans to comment and share their stuff.

  8. Kevin Nillint
    Kevin Nillint says:

    I personally use Blurtster.com to do this. No cutting or pasting – nothing. i simply generate a report and I see everything.

  9. kwiaty online
    kwiaty online says:

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    http://tinyurl.com/jaydlett10875 says:

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  11. Sally
    Sally says:

    We added a like button to our website. We have 13 likes on the webpage but they do not show up on my facebook account and I can’t see who they are on the website. How can I get them from the website to the facebook page? PLEASE Help!!! Thank you.

    • Amylea
      Amylea says:

      That “like” button on your website allows users to “like” your website (tell all their friends about it). if you want to turn those users into “likes on your facebook page, you must add a link to your facebook page onto your site, then ask that people click on it and “like” it as well. Enticing them with an offer or free stuff or interesting information/ indispensible updates is one way to encourage users to do this.

  12. rose
    rose says:

    Hi i would like to ask if there is a way to export/ extract 26k fans to another facebook page? How would i do it? pls help!

  13. Sally
    Sally says:

    I added a “like” button to our website. The only problem is that when people “like” my website, there is no way (that I can find) to export those like to my facebook page or to even see who they are. Do you know a way to do this? PLEASE Help!!

  14. Gues
    Gues says:

    If you’re going to use brute force Cut and Paste, I recommend pasting the text into something like Notepad so it doesn’t get all mucked up with the codes and stuff. Then do Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C within Notepad and then Ctrl-V in an Excel spreadsheet and Voila! A nice clean list of names.

  15. laura yell
    laura yell says:

    I just tried this. I found that when you go to paste in excell if you right click you can choose “paste special” and if give you the options of “htlm, text, or unicode text” If you choose “text” it will only paste the names without the photos and submit buttons.

  16. jaynalocke
    jaynalocke says:

    I love “how to” posts like this. It’s one of those things you know you’re going to need at some point! I use content curation as a way to collect and re-share great content. So this will go on StumbleUpon and Scoop.it!

  17. Howie
    Howie says:

    I only have five fans so Facebook just shows me the list of fans instead of going to the insights page. LOL.

  18. Tori Phung
    Tori Phung says:

    As a marketer, I flip back and forth on stuff like this because its great to know exactly who your customers/fans are, but as much as companies are looking to reward loyalty, they can’t creep their customers out. I guess that’s why so many companies are doing these “like us on Facebook and win…” campaigns so customers kind of volunteer themselves.

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

       Good point! I am not sure what I would use the list for… If a friend /client / contact has stopped following, I am not sure that I want to find that out and take it personally. If people start engaging with the posts, I can always click on their FB link to see if there might be a business that I want to follow back. My thing is – I just can’t pass a piece of software by without trying to figure out how and why it does what it does – what the algorithm is? So I ‘needed to know HOW to access this more than I needed to access it. Oh well!

      • JoanneO
        JoanneO says:

        I administer a website for a non-profit. Having a downloaded list would let me to things like compare donor lists or lists of people who participated in an event to our FB fans list to assess the overlap. I could even use the list of donors who haven’t “liked” us to reach out to them via email and drive them to our page.

  19. Guest
    Guest says:

    Only problem is that it is limited to 500. I would like to know of a way to copy and paste all of them.

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

       Hmm… I have googled it and seen some scripts you can run. I wasn’t motivated enough to test them out, but they are ‘out there’, in every sense of the words.

        • Pete
          Pete says:

          I have less than 500 likes and I can get only 240 names on the list. Is there some setup where I could manipulate this limitations?

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