SEO and Social Media Goals for 2012

website strategy goalsWeb Strategies may be the name of my business, but for strategies to actually move your business forwards, you need goals for where you want to go. Rana Shabaz reminded me of this in response to my last post about Social Media Strategies. Strategies are all how you drive, while goals are where you are driving to.

Most of us have goals for our businesses. In addition to the overall goals, I need specific goals for my own web presence. Is anyone hearing the patter of stockinged feet? Would that be the cobblers children running out to play without any shoes on? Why yes, it would….

For my website development business, I do track the origins of every inbound prospect – whether they came from referrals, friends, clients, SEO or social media.  30% are usually ‘over’ after the first phone call, 30% fade away during the sales process and maybe 40% turn into clients. And – yes – I do know the total!

Linking these goals to my Web Presence,  I need goals for the number of prospects I expect to get from classic SEO (Wowza! SEO has become ‘classic’ in a Social Media world!?!) and goals for prospects from my Social Media Marketing activities. What’s that I hear you say? One impacts the other? Well yes it does! I take a highly subjective approach and ask the prospects when I first talk to them. If they found me ‘online’ I call it SEO and if they found me on Facebook… you figure it out!

If I don’t have goals for these activities, why would I do them? Well yes – I do enjoy the social side of social media and I do enjoy the intellectual challenge of building my SEO ranking, Up until now I have been busy enough from’100% by referral’ that working my own SEO and Social Media has not been a priority (patter, patter…). So, these are my goals for this year: sharing in public is always a good incentive for goal achievement

Q1 & Q2: At least 10% of my goal prospects / month from SEO or from Social Media Marketing
Q3 & Q4: At least 10% of my goal prospects / month from SEO AND at least 10% of my goal prospects / month from Social Media Marketing

Do you have goals for your SEO and Social Media activities?

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  1. privatdetektiv
    privatdetektiv says:

    I have started making seo just a year ago and just because of my hard-work now, i am having 40 clients and almost with 5 years maintenance contract . My goal is to increase my no of clients this year at-least the figure should be at-least “100” at the end of this year 

  2. Rana Shahbaz
    Rana Shahbaz says:

    Thank you @AbigailGorton:disqus for the mention in your post, so sweet of you. My perspective is slightly different about social media and SEO marketing. I don’t think with the current state of the internet we can differentiate SEO & Social Media Marketing. 

    Especially with the growth of Google +, it will be really hard for anyone to do well in search engines with out doing social media.   Wish you all the best for 2012 :)

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Hi Rana,
      I agree that the two are intertwined. But on my first conversation with every potential client I either ask or confirm “So how did you hear about us?”. If the answer is “I don’t really know, I just found you online” and I have never noticed their name around Facebook, Twitter et al then I attribute it to classic SEO. If it is someone I have been engaging with through social media, and I would not have been engaging without Social Media, then I attribute it to social media (so even a referral from an old friend might be attributable to social media if we would not have been in current conversation except for social media…). Although I completely agree with you that good SEO boosts your Social Media and vice versa.

  3. Jennifer Comet Wagner
    Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    My goals are way too vague. I just work hard on social media and SEO and hope to grow my audience. Other than using Google Analytics, I don’t use any other tracking tools. 

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Ah the numbers…..I agree it is important to have a strategy and a tracking system……

  5. Rowena
    Rowena says:

    I have goals set.  Working on the strategies right now.  Implementing the strategies right now.

  6. Brenda Jones
    Brenda Jones says:

    I still need to sit down and work on my business and personal goals for 2012, so I will add these into the thought process as I begin my work with my social media coach.  I have dabbled in it, but not fully embraced it as of yet, so this is my year to do that.  Right now, my goal is to get my house cleaned and decorated and all of the party prep done in time for my daughter’s party this weekend.  No time to really sit and work on goals until then.

  7. Jennifer Peek
    Jennifer Peek says:

    This reminds me of my own new year post – but in the sense that many of us have business resolutions vs. business goals.  You are so right that we need to have goals that are specific.  When it comes to social media, I haven’t had specific goals (or tracking) in 2011.  I am changing that in 2012 and currently have ones that are similar to yours.  One question I do have though is whether there should be goals by channel (e.g., Twitter, FB, etc.).  What are your thoughts?

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Jennifer, it is a relatively big move for me to go from tracking to setting a goal on this. So for now I am including all social media (by my definition – LOL!) in one goal. For me it includes writing my blog, commenting elsewhere, reposnding to comments, Facebooking with my business profile, Twitter, G+ etc.

  8. Brandy Mychals
    Brandy Mychals says:

    Yes – I love having goal and making them specific. My mother was laughing at me saying that she has always made NY Resolutions but I was the first to show her subtitled resolutions by category…LOL! I have always looked at SEO and SoMe Marketing as a long term strategy so I was amazed at the results that I had in less than a year – it was incredible to see who found me online and then got on a plane and traveled across country to attend one of my events. Very cool :-) Brandy

  9. Valerie Deveza
    Valerie Deveza says:

    I like your goals Abigail.. it would be awesome if you will have a document where you have your current status listed and then update it in a weekly or monthly basis. This way you can benchmark and analyze your data :)

  10. Pat Zahn
    Pat Zahn says:

    I definitely track where actual business is coming from…not so good at tracking what’s happening that is not culminating in business, which may well be business lost.

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Pat, I started to track it a year ago and I have a strong feeling that next week’s blog post will be talking about that tracking. Part of what I learned form tracking is that some prospects were not going to turn into clients no matter how perfect our contact had been (they did not have the time/budget or I did not do what they were looking for). And that is very OK – I do not expect anything close to 100% close rate. Another part I learned was sadly yes – there were others who could well have been clients but I was too busy  or unavailable or I just approached them wrong or I made a bad impression (sigh!) when they contacted me so they went elsewhere.

  11. Wendee Neilson
    Wendee Neilson says:

    Wow, I’m a bit confused or maybe this is over my head at the moment.  I never consided having goals for SEO.  I know it’s important for the rankings, but it would probably make me just quite.  I do have goals for my businesses and that I think is enough for now.

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Wendee, Yes – like you I do have overall goals for the business and these are  a part of the overall. The part I am focusing on here is… I want 10 – 20% of the people who contact me this year to be people  who would not have contacted me except they found me online (SEO) or they ‘met’ me through social media.

  12. Vicki Dello Joio
    Vicki Dello Joio says:

    made me laugh to hear the patter of cobbler’s childrens’ feet. My partner is a web designer and she too keeps putting off upgrading her website which is Way Old, because she is as busy as she can be with referrals and some on-going clients. For myself, I am still learning to track this stuff (I know I know) and that is My next unshoed baby step

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Vicki, this time a year ago my site was so old that I could not go out in public wearing it! You and I would not have been having this discussion because, well, you’d have seen the site! Every single day us web developers get up and every single day we have a to-do list full of clients who are always more important than our own sites. It is a mainly referral business (oh – what irony – we build websites but meet out own clients face to face) and for most of us it was a business that picked up in the recession because people wanted to do more marketing, so many of us have just had the busiest 3 year stretch… and our own sites show it! Tell her I understand!

  13. Imogen Ragone
    Imogen Ragone says:

    Very interesting. I guess I’m not creating goals on a % basis yet. Currently I’m working to improve my online presence through social media and organic SEO. I’m viewing this as an experiment to see where it may take me. I have started, with a little prompting from my coach, to track the numbers, and I will use that to see where it all leads.  I already can see some positive changes, so maybe I’ll be able to create some more distinct, realistic and targeted goals soon.

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Imogen, I actually have the goals as a defined number of new client total, of which I want a a certain number to come from these sources. But that was TMI (in a business sense!) for me to feel good about posting online, so I changed it to a percentage for this post. But in my head these are numbers. Last year I was doing just that “I’m viewing this as an experiment to see where it may take me. I have started, with a little prompting from my coach, to track the numbers,” for me it has lead to saying ‘OK… What do I think is a fair return for the time I am putting in here? What would I like to get out of it?”

  14. Susan Berland
    Susan Berland says:

    Yikes, Abigail. I’m just starting to work with goals at all for my business. Now you want me to have goals for my Social Media Marketing and SEO? I have my first meeting with my new coach tomorrow. I’m gonna talk to her about all this – that’s why I hired her!

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  15. Nick Rock
    Nick Rock says:

    Hi Abigail,

    I have seen many posts about goals during the past days but your goals are different. Rather setting up some general challenges to master, you try to improve some very important details. Very interesting to see this way of a goal! 
    Best tool to actually track this kind of different traffic: Google Analytics 
    With a proper setup it’s easy to figure out where your leads come from.
    I hope to read a recap at the end of the year, good luck with your goals!


    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Nick, thanks! But you are flattering me too much. I am not analyzing the details of inbound Internet traffic for this – more assigning a ‘source’ to every real human prospect. And to become a prospect they got past the point of just looking at the site and physically contacted me whether by phone, form, Facebook, email, referral or even just slowing down their car enough to shout at me – which happens when you have your biz name on your car! Although more traffic -because of better SEO is a goal, This particular is not so much looking at where those links and inbound traffic come from as “I want 10% of my total new biz to come from people who found me because of my SEO and because of my SoMe activities”

  16. Cory Zacker
    Cory Zacker says:

    I spent a good amount of time paying to advertise my tutoring agency when I first began. I have cut my advertising budget dramatically and have concentrated on word of mouth and social networking in the last year. My business has grown and I’ve spent far less money. My goal for 2012 is to increase my online presence via SEO and social networking. Thanks for this, Abigail!

  17. Maureena Bivins, PhD
    Maureena Bivins, PhD says:

    I’m not there yet where I can place a percentage on any particular situation–SEO or social networking.  I’m in a steep learning curve and am trying to enjoy the process!

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Maureena, My first step was to look at where business came from. For me, each client comes from one of a limited number of sources; BNI, other local networking, friends, clients, SEO or social media. I do ask prospects when I first meet them and keep track of that. I do not have a huge client base so if I run a couple of quickbooks reports and look at the results I can roughly figure it out. I am thinking of blogging about this part of it next week.

  18. Julieanne Case
    Julieanne Case says:

    I am not into goal settings so formally. I’m working on how I want to do this and one thing I’m realizing is that I have to do this my way or I won’t do it!  I’m working on vision boards and intentions and all the things that goal setters cringe and scream about.  

    Julieanne CaseAlways from the heart!Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| AgeLoc Skin Care |  Pharmanex Supplements

    • Abigail Gorton
      Abigail Gorton says:

      Julieanne, YES! Not sure if you think goal setters scream at vision boards? I like both. If I don’t have a vision of what I want then why am I doing anything at all? And I like intentions. When I set a goal of 100% my intention is that 80% or above is a lot better than 50% or below. But without the goal, what am I doing it all for?

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