Following, Sharing, Passing it Forwards

If you want to build your personal page or brand on Facebook, post relevant content that is true to the heart of yourself or your brand. It is important to generate original content, but there are also great ways to share.

Back to my theme of the week… lists! This is a situation where setting up a list will only take 5 minutes, but figuring out who you want on it may take a bit longer. Who and where are the content sources that your audience would like to hear from? Build yourself a list of those feeds. When you click on that list, you will see the news your followers want to hear. And you can  ‘share’ it onwards.

When I need to ‘feed’ my Facebook page, or just keep myself educated on things my followers and I want to hear, I click on the ‘Biz Pages’ list.

When I looked at my  ‘Biz Pages’ feed this morning, I saw a cool graphic that I thought my peeps would appreciate. So I logged on as my page and shared it onwards. One ‘like’ and one comment so far. But ‘oops’ you can see I missed an opportunity to generate some rapport by forgetting to thank Gail Nott and Small Business Coach.









If I consider the author a good source for future input, I go ahead and like their page and add them to my list.

And in case no one brought that graphic to your news feed, here it is:

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  1. Renia Carsillo
    Renia Carsillo says:

    Thanks for the mention Abigail. These are great points! I love lists and Facebook has recently made it a whole lot easier.

    I thought it also might be worth pointing out here how you, Gail, and myself all do similar things but still find a lot of value in connecting and interacting with each other (in fact Gail and I are currently working on different pieces of the same project). I love the idea of working with others in your field so we all can be better.

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your posts in the future!

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