The Crossroads of the Persona

I stayed away from Facebook for years because I just could not see how to reconcile all the different parts of my life in one time and place

The inner sorority sister in me enjoys a good joke with more than the hint of risqué. The parent in me uses passwords to make sure my own kids don’t find these jokes. The web developer in me processes and stores images that would never pass PG or any regular film rating. But they are ‘art’. Or so I am told. I respect the passion of  my faith filled friend but I have come to believe that all my neighbors deserve the same legal protections from their marriages as I have.

As a woman in business, I am old enough to remember taking rings off our left hands for interviews and being grateful for laws that banned employers from asking  how many children we had. Maybe not old enough to remember that in American business, but I came from  Europe where sometimes we still did not get jobs because of our children. Or lack of them, which apparently indicated their likelihood to appear in the immediate future!

With all that baggage how on earth did I deal with Facebook and its tell tale trail of family photos, partying, political ‘likes’ and religious options?

It took me a while. But Oscar Wilde said it best

“Be yourself: Everyone else is taken”.

Just like in the workplace, I stay away from politics and religion. If you ask, I may tell you but I don’t go shouting it. Like the workplace, I stay away from swearing and drinking. Just like offline, I am in private groups where I can do a bit more of the swearing and drinking.

Just like offline, to keep myself popular, relevant and  interesting, I tailor my posts. I use the little box next to the posts button send different posts to different lists of people and to stop posts from reaching certain lists.


SV Parents:          Who else wants to hear a request for help at a local fundraiser? Really?
San Rafael Area:   Local people in general
Contact Sphere:    Local business interests.
Scrapping:            A hobby – I know the rest of you could care less!

I am not saying I do this every day for every post, but sometimes it is a very sweet feature. Do you use it?

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  1. Nettie Spiwack
    Nettie Spiwack says:

    Thanks for a real life example! I’ve thought about being more circumspect by using groups, but sometimes it feels too time consuming…and. I often default to simply being wary of what I post anywhere…but your illustration makes me reconsider.

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