You understand your business, and we understand how to promote your business online. We help build your site, search engine and social media strategy.
Inner beauty may be important, but first impressions are critical online. We make text-rich sites look great and we love to showcase image-rich portfolios.
S.E.O. Search Engine Optimization. The holy grail of the internet. It's a battle out there on Google and a tough fight to win. But we just love winning!
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“Facebook…Twitter… Blog…!” You already get plenty of advice from all sides. We help you send the right messages for your business.

Showcasing Your Business

Your online strategy is all about building the right web presence for your business. We are here because we help you to do that. Your web presence may include a Website, Blog, Facebook campaign or Twitter launch. It may include a newsletter, a paid Google campaign or a general campaign to build your presence for the search engines. Or it may not...

Your Website, Social Media Campaign and Search Strategy may be small or they may be huge. They do need to be right for your needs and your budget.

Our specialty is listening to you to help you figure out what is right for your business. We will work with you to build the right strategy for you. And once we have a plan in place, we also build the components. We are techies who speak English as well as tech-speak. We are Social Media dwellers who will also look you in the eye and come out in the light of day. We are engineers who recognize how critical a good looking design is.

Recent Posts

01.25.2012  |  admin  |  42 comments

You want to see a list of the people that like your Facebook page? You want to copy and sort the lists? OK so I figured out how. Please credit this to the curious-engineer part of my nature rather than anything to do with creepy or stalker! And I will admit that once you are […]

01.22.2012  |  admin  |  57 comments
suppl,y and demand curve

Most of us have  heard of ‘Supply and Demand’. A few of us have reached the point of our own businesses being simultaneously  ‘overworked and underpaid’. So isn’t it time to apply  the theory and improve things for ourselves and our customers? Let’s do a quick refresher on supply and demand. You can check the […]

01.15.2012  |  admin  |  28 comments

At a Referral Institute conference – all about referral marketing – that I attended last week, an attendee took the microphone from the floor. He said that his generation (OK – so he was younger than me!) must be good at networking because they have such large networks; being the generation of Facebook and Twitter […]

01.11.2012  |  admin  |  4 comments
Website Design for Elemental Transitions

Harry Tinoco-Giraldo is a personal coach in South East London, England. If, like me, you are from London, you will know that ‘South East’ is a very important part of the address. He helps people, in particular at times of change in their lives. What we really like  about Harry’s site: – The design. The […]

01.08.2012  |  admin  |  32 comments
Prospects in the sales process - not yet "Signed or Declined"

Most of our businesses have just embarked on a new set of goals. But do we know if we are on track to achieve them? I went to a BNI conference a year ago where I truly got the message  that businesses need to know their ‘closing’ ratio – the proportion of inbound contacts that […]

01.01.2012  |  admin  |  31 comments
website strategy goals

Web Strategies may be the name of my business, but for strategies to actually move your business forwards, you need goals for where you want to go. Rana Shabaz reminded me of this in response to my last post about Social Media Strategies. Strategies are all how you drive, while goals are where you are driving to. Most of […]

12.30.2011  |  admin  |  12 comments
Social Media Strategy - plans for next year

In a blog post last week, Warrior Preneur Ann Evanston asked 3 questions. I replied to her post, but the questions still deserved more focused answers. [Edited 1/2/12 to add: Ann Evanston's initial post asked the following 3 questions: "1-Are you developing a social media marketing strategy that is direct contact and follow-up, or advertising? […]

12.18.2011  |  admin  |  13 comments
Build your website

When you own or are deeply involved in a business, putting your company website ‘out there’ can feel similar to putting yourself out there – finishing up a site launch has some emotional vulnerability similar to selecting your own photo for The decisions are important and you may find yourself echoing a couple of […]

12.10.2011  |  admin  |  22 comments

Surfing through a tech site I follow called Mashable when I found a lot more righteous indignation than usual. We all hate Spam, right? And we control it in email. But do you know where to check your spam folder on Facebook – or that you even had one? Thinking that you never specified anything […]

11.27.2011  |  AbigailGorton  |  20 comments
Website design development marin

As a website developer I find myself answering similar questions on my first meeting with nearly every client:   What are the components?  How will we tackle this project? What else is involved? What do these words mean? Site design, architecture, content, platform, hosting, SEO strategy, social media strategy and development are all critical.  If they […]